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August 07, 2020


To our loyal Air Factory® Customers:

Aug 6, 2020

Your overwhelming requests to us for calls and face-to-face meetings to gain accurate and updated information on the PMTA submissions were appreciated.  Based on the strength of your feedback, we have designed a comprehensive Marketing and Communication Strategy for you and your customers for implementation over the next few weeks.  Your loyalty and the demand for AIR FACTORY® products continues to grow exponentially and beyond our expectations.  Thank you and please keep the feedback coming.

That being said we don’t want to miss anyone, so if you would like to understand further what we have planned over the upcoming weeks, consider this an open invitation to meet with us via Zoom. 

We have created a new email address specific for your PMTA questions that will be manned and reviewed every day:  PMTA@myvapeorder.com
This PMTA@myvapeorder.com email address will be utilized exclusively to provide information to address your business needs as it relates to our PMTA application process and the AIR FACTORY® products.

 Stay safe and healthy,
Kyle Godfrey
CEO, My Vape Order

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